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Where Did All The Good Men Go

Video Info & Description

Voice by JTO (John The Other) formerly an MRA.

For any women who are still wondering “where did all the good men go”… we teamed up with the good men at Google and created the world’s first Good Man™ Geo-Locator App because they are having difficulty locating “good men” on their own. It seems these harpies are totally unwilling to accept “good men” want nothing to do with them.

It gets hilarious when you listen to the question: “Where are all the good men?”
As if they deserve their choice of ALL the good men.

But any woman who asks the question…. doesn’t even deserve one.
MGTOW give these women the “good men” they deserve.


*Good Men™ can now be found at MGTOW.COM | Men Going Their Own Way via The Good Man™ Geo-Locator App. If you hurry, you can run and catch them. The Good Man™ Geo-Locator App is 100% free for any and all disgruntled over-the-hill, miserable, lonely or discontent harpies. We aim to be pleased.