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Why Women Hate MGTOW

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You’ll notice outright hostility, various colorful insults and rage when women learn you keep every dollar you earn instead of wasting it on women and their frivolous whims. Particularly when they realize YOU know you don’t even need to take women out or pay for them in order to enjoy plenty of sexy time. A steep marriage decline currently at a 93-year low and the awakening of more men unwilling to sign fraudulent marriage contracts is the reason women are more promiscuous than ever.

Effectively convinced by feminists that women have been “sexually liberated” (good job, ladies, and thanks) while severely reducing their ability to secure a husband during their window of opportunity…. they put out to try and sucker men back to the plantation, and when it doesn’t work, there panties get all twisted up. The hook-up culture and slutwalks they are so proud to be a part of means you don’t take a horny female to a restaurant. These days, you take her straight to bed for some Tinder loving care.

Your grandfather would be SO jelz. He had to marry her first.

This excellent breakdown from Sandman ‘splains how +1 to the population of Men Going Their Own Way means -1 woman without sexual or reproductive value, and illustrates why they don’t like it when men have control over their own lives, futures and fortunes.

If there’s one thing a woman hates more than a man, it’s seeing a man not under her control.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger Sandman. Subscribe to him on YouTube.