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Woman Castrates Husband – Women Laugh

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Have you ever seen the film SE7EN?

Psychological thriller. Kevin Spacey. Brad Pitt. Morgan Freeman. 1993. It’s excellent. Possibly the best (and first) film of it’s kind. I will never forget how it f~~~ed me up after I saw it in the theatre on an afternoon break. I had to return to work at 5PM that day, but instead, I took the rest of the day off. I just couldn’t go to work, and I still remember this 21 years later. SE7EN absolutely gutted me, and I felt like my mind had been raped.

I had seen many horror movies. Blood. Guts. Gore. Someone getting hacked to bits….and I sat through them eating popcorn, or chocolate covered raisins. Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. Halloween. I have forgotten them all. They had no effect on me. But SE7EN was infinitely more upsetting for 2 reasons:

1. You don’t actually see the crimes or the violence. They just talk about it – after the fact. The scene is described to you like a book. They show you the result and the aftermath, but you don’t see the act itself. This leaves what happened to your imagination. No film director can effectively show what your mind is capable of imagining without limits, and they did it this way on purpose. (The “Saw” series illustrates in a similar way and sends your imagination racing before it happens.)

2. A story is only as good as the villain, and John Doe (Kevin Spacey) is so brilliant, you almost can’t HELP but side with him. Freddy Kruger just kills people. But Kevin Spacey’s character pre-conceived the entire plot years in advance. He remains miles ahead in all respects – documenting it all advance – and his reasons actually make sense. He is able to successfully articulate why he did it and present it in a way that you cannot disagree. Freddy and Jason are just “wrong” for killing people… but Kevin Spacey forces you to question his motives and understand them.

It was the first time I had seen a movie where the bad guy wins in such an effective way. And when I watched it again (I actually own the BlueRay among my very discerning collection) the genius behind it became more apparent. I almost wished I had amnesia so I wouldn’t know the ending again. A true red-pill experience.

The entire female audience and cast of “THE TALK” who happily laughed on daytime national TV when a woman dismembered her husband is the real sick s~~~ that exists. No imagination required. If you ask “why?”, you learn it’s because he just didn’t want to live with her any more. Is it any wonder? One of them calls out: “he deserved it” and they all join in as if it’s not only perfectly justifiable – but hilarious.

This kind of horror has a much more profound effect and reveals every member of the all-female studio audience with a goddamn smile on their mentally messed-up faces. Therein lies the real horror show. It’s not just a movie or a story. This insanity is blindly considered acceptable and fit for broadcast into your home on a massive scale, and widely regarded as humorous entertainment for profit.

The madness is real. It’s all around you.
At cafe’s. Restaurants. Bookstores. On the street. Bus. Subway. Television.

Your female facebook friends all “like” it too.
“OMG LOL!” How does that make you feel?

This lone example is but a tiny peephole into the massive (and ever-expanding) empty female mind. The feminized universe where not even a single thought takes place. Where no compassion, or empathy, or humane value for men exist. Where there is zero matter, no gravity, no sense of justice or morality when you look closer. And the closer you examine it, the more you realize how empty it really is. You might even start thinking there is something wrong with your lens or vision. But you are seeing clearly. There is just nothing there.

If you were to interview every women present that day, they would tell you they are “good” and have “a good personality”, but not even Freddy Kruger falsely misrepresents himself to such a degree. You will never see – and have never seen – a group of men laughing on television about slicing up a woman’s vagina and throwing the remains in the dog’s bowl – endorsed by advertisers and the laughter from half the population. Ever.

Immediately after seeing it, I called Time Warner and canceled my cable service. They even had the nerve to ask me why. “You will not pump this sick s~~~ into my home for profit. You will cancel my subscription at once, and never collect another red cent from me again. I can’t believe you asked for a reason. You don’t deserve one. Cancel it now. Right now.”


My cost of living immediately went down $120 a month, my standard of living has only increased, and I no longer have 400 channels of toxic bulls~~~ to pollute my life or home. I also wrote a letter(s) to CBS and their advertisers. It was the very first time I wrote a letter of complaint to any organization. We all have the power to refuse to buy their products, to not watch their crap, to refuse to subscribe to their channels, and permanently put them out of business. I personally – and directly – contributed to giving Sharon Osborne the boot.

So when you see a group of women laughing, you will see it in an entirely new light.

What you see:

What they actually are:

Prepare and act accordingly.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

– OZ