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Women are Parasites

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“This society stifles the spirit of men and is pesticide on the male soul. And I want OUT.”
A more concise exclamation by one man who would be compelled to go his own way has yet to be penned.

MGTOW veteran Barbarossa (a.k.a. “BarBar” or “Barb” in the Manosphere) drops a megaton truth bomb equivalent to a red pill overdose from which there is little chance of recovery. If you haven’t yet, shake hands and familiarize yourself with The Post Feminism Man, for an unrivaled introduction to MGTOW. He doesn’t fall over himself to define MenGoingTheirOwnWay and leaves the label out of it completely, but rather, he perfectly articulates the “why” of it all …. and explains the current reality that Men en masse have woken up and adopted a line of thought that sticks a collective middle finger into the face of anyone who dares define him.

This epic work is an excellent introduction and example of man’s ability to remove himself from the equation and conceptualize something far bigger and more important than himself. It is also the self-chosen flagship video of his YouTube™ channel, and breaks down the programming flaw inherent in Men to seek solace in the bosom of a female, their need for “mothering” (if that’s the term), and he quickly snaps you out of thinking a “relationship” or marriage is any type of equal partnership. No matter how women pretend to want men who are “more emotionally available” or “in touch with their feminine side”, women simply don’t like (and do not respect) weakness and vulnerability in men.

The very things she wants from you …. are precisely what she will resent you for.

This paradox ensures a married man is kept just as alone within a marriage and far from better off, since he can already rely on nobody but himself for stability and support in times of need – else he is told to “man up”.

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