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Women Can Do Anything Men Can Do

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Have you ever helped a woman before? Fix her computer? Hook up a Blue-Ray player? Give her car a boost? Save her life? Well don’t bother. Expecting the slightest reciprocation or recognition will offend the Princess, and she will reduce it down to hitting a few keystrokes, plugging in a chord, putting a clamp on a battery and turning the key, and jumping some mushrooms. Because, haven’t you heard?…

Women can do anything Men can do… even in broken heels.

OK. If you say so. But DO they?

While she had absolutely no clue how to do these simple tasks, couldn’t get herself out of the situation and expected you to do it for her, the idea that you may possess superior knowledge, reading, learning, experience, skill, physical strength, dexterity and know-how …. is insignificant to her, and she won’t be “impressed”. Why would she be? After all…

Women can do anything Men can do… even in broken heels.

They CAN? Then why don’t they? Why not let her show that she can, and actually make her do it – herself. Her computer crashed and she needs to reinstall the OS? Gee that sucks. She left the car lights on now it won’t start? Gosh that’s terrible. Why don’t you have her call AAA and see if a woman will show up to help her with that. Because so many roadside assistance workers are female. Or are they?

Why is it whenever you require any kind of work on (or assistance with) your car, a woman in broken heels is never around when you need one?

Last year, I thought I must have had a bad battery in my car, and that’s why it wouldn’t start. This happened three times within a couple of months. When I called for assistance, a Man (not a woman in broken heels) showed up at midnight to help me and explained that it wasn’t necessarily the battery, since it was almost new. He poked around in the car, checked fuses, applied his expertise and magically determined in under 10 minutes it wasn’t the battery at all. He knew it wasn’t the alarm system either. Turns out, the head unit was quietly draining the juice out of it – even when the car was off.

I was impressed. At first concerned I would have to buy a $300 battery, now I was very glad the problem was identified and a $120 head unit would do the trick. And WHY was I impressed? Because, even as man – who can do anything a man can do – I know the ability to arrive at the conclusion so quickly was a direct result of 30 years of experience, looking under countless hoods, examining a problem, theorizing, getting his hands filthy, understanding voltage, electrical currents, grounding principles, and helping other people when they really needed it. We ALL should be impressed. He dedicated a large chunk of his life to obtaining this knowledge and putting his personal schedule aside to help people when most others are asleep. As a man, I don’t have a problem looking at another man with admiration when he can do something better than I.

Would a woman have been “impressed”?
Hellz no. To her, he’s a just stupid grease monkey with a flashlight, and dirty fingernails. Gross.

When Hurricane Sandy destroyed a chunk of the East Coast of America, how many women were out in broken heels clearing trees from the roads, rescuing animals or wading through water looking for any trapped signs of life with flashlights until all hours of the morning? So who cares if she is “not impressed”? Men do not rebuild cities, clean up after disasters, and crawl in to burning buildings to save lives at the cost of their own to “impress women” anyway. Men do it out of a sense of duty – because it needs to be done. And if men didn’t do it, who would?

Women can do anything Men can do… even in broken heels.

Who cares if they “can”? When they don’t.

Let’s hope we can all look forward to the day when the silly notion of “gender equality” is finally achieved, and we can all rest easy knowing when a fire breaks out, a fleet of women in broken heels will show up to kick them off and let men sleep in for a change. I would be most impressed.

Don’t fight fire with fire.
Fight fire with water.