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Women get a taste of “Gender Equality”

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WARNING: Contains vomit-inducing scenes of extreme chivalry. Viewer discretion is advised.

This video was curiously deleted from YouTube, and although another youtube user mirrored it, the backup was deleted too. But we have permanently archived it for your viewing pleasure and convenience. The question of why from the original author/publisher is added below.

While it’s acceptable by YouTubes’ standards for Smart~~~er® brand to have actress Jennifer Aniston use an act of violence to endorse a product – by kicking a man in the crotch – with deliberate intent to make the video go “viral” for hits, ratings and money… you have to wonder why they would TWICE remove a video which sells reality.

Has anyone seen a video of a women getting kicked in the breasts to sell a product?
Of course you haven’t – and you never will. And why? Because it’s unacceptable.


Violence is unacceptable. That includes hitting or kicking a man. Anyone who commits a violent act, should be in jail – regardless of gender – including the men who hit back. But some things like teaching this lesson to a woman who thinks she will get away with it could almost be worth spending a few nights in jail for, wouldn’t you say? When a man is pushed to this point, he is prepared to spend a night in jail and he fully understands the implications.

Women do not.

We saw tears when Lindsay Lohan cried in court after being sentenced for knowingly breaking the law – on separate occasions. We also see it when a woman gets exactly what she asked for. But what remains a mystery is the look of utter shock and surprise on her face. She is not even expecting it! She thinks he would “never hit a girl” no matter what. Women simply do not understand the implications. Odd, for a creature who thinks she is “equal”.

When a man fights back, it’s because he has been brought to the point of not caring anymore. He is prepared for whatever is coming, and he throws a fist because the system that says “don’t ever hit a woman” has now failed him. The system doesn’t teach “never hit anybody”. The woman doesn’t care, and the system doesn’t care. So why would he? If a woman throws a punch and dials 911, guess who the police are taking away? It won’t be she, and every woman knows it. That’s why she behaves that way in the first place. If she understood the implications, she wouldn’t dare.

Congratulations feminists. Welcome to a glimpse of “gender quality” you so badly wanted. Emma Watson (bad actress and oddly-appointed feminist spokes woman at the United Nations) calls it “He For She”. You were successful in making sure the days of women behaving with impunity are now over. What you weren’t successful in doing…. is sweeping actual female behavior and this video under the rug. Removing a video from youtube is not how to solve the problem.

Teaching women basic manners and decency would solve the problem more effectively. For the number of women who are out-numbering men in Universities and Colleges, are they not learning the basics like accepting “personal responsibility”? Or does a MAN really have to teach them that.

“For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction force.”.
– Sir Isaac Newton’s 3RD Law of Physics and Motion.

Pretty basic. It doesn’t take a fist or an idiot to learn that.
(Pity the basics don’t come with a women’s studies degree.)

It begins with a 1950’s lesson in etiquette and proper behavior for both sexes. It teaches men to lower themselves, to treat women like they are superior and be grateful for the opportunity. To take of your dressy jacket and lay it over a gutter puddle so that a woman can scamper over it just to save her shoes. It also teaches women how to go first, be protected and how to appear to be grateful. How nice, isn’t it? But fast forward to 2015, and it’s now more painful to watch that nonsense.

In order for you to be treated like you are “superior” there actually needs to be a reason WHY. And in the case of the modern female who thinks she can behave with impunity….. there is definitely NO reason.