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How Women Really Hate PreNups

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How a “clinical psychologist” with an extremely artificial smile “panicked” and “came close to killing that man” she pretended to “love”…. because he wanted her to sign a prenuptial agreement.

The level of fraud on this one is off the charts. Before she even married the guy, we have 2 cancelled wedding dates, and 6 hired (and 5 fired) attorneys. She’s already got him throwing his money away before the wedding. Imagine the cost of divorce.

“Multiple I’m-leaving-it’s-over threats. Countless knock-down drag out fights.
And yet I prevail. I married the man of my dreams. If I survived so can you.”

The man of her dreams + the woman of his nightmares.
A match made in heaven.

…. all under the pretense of “love”.

Beauty is only skin deep.
Butt ugly goes right to the bone.