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Women Over The Hill

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“Where are all the good men?”

“You said NO to them. You said “no” to the guy who wanted to take you to the prom. You said “no” to the guy who asked you to dinner. You said “no” to the guy who wanted you to move in with him, and wanted you to fall in love with him. You said “no” to the guy who brought you the flowers, the balloons, and the little the teddy bears. You just said “no, no, no, no, no”….. until one day you wake up, and guys aren’t paying attention to you anymore.”

Finding this supremely rewarding, radio personality Tom Leykis sits you down and speaks candidly as “the Dad you never had” in this absolutely essential session. It’s very easy for a young man to allow himself to be discouraged by the imbalance in advantages and attention women enjoy earlier in life…. but Leykis casually reminds you not to be too hard on yourself, because nature has it’s own terrific way of restoring the balance.

In a world where the media is force-feeding you the female perspective as the ONLY perspective, Leykis offers the experienced male view for a refreshing change – in the best interest of Men. Emphatically maintaining that patience and a calm awareness is key, he suggests focussing your energy on yourself, your dreams, your aspirations and making more worthwhile pursuits which will all afford you the last laugh in the end. And you will… when you get a load of the two female callers who phone in, he gives a delightful taste of what you can look forward to.

Always remember, you can’t see the future yet.