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Women Surpassing Men in Education?

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MGHOW Barbarossa breaks down and exposes the tired “women surpassing men in education” myth. While the media enjoyed shoving it in everyone’s face that women are attending and graduating from colleges, universities and “doing better than men in school” than men in modern society, it is only because they have received every conceivable leg-up – including advantages in obtaining financing, preferential and differential treatment.

Yet it is men who are still lightyears ahead, creating every marvel of modern engineering….. still managing to drop out of college, while going on to become Steve Jobs. And why? The unchanging key is the vastly important difference between “male learning” and “female learning”.

While a woman may “do better in school” because she is able to repeat and recite from textbooks and amass a mountain of debt in the process, this is not the same as the inquisitive nature of the male mind which follows it’s own path, and has the inclination to challenge and question already-established scientific concepts – in order to arrive at the NEXT great scientific concept.

*Video by MGHOW vlogger “Barbarossa”. His series is outstanding and required. Subscribe to him on youtube.