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Yes Means No Responsibility

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TFM reports on a new app called “We Consent” that exists to protect men from the cultural false “rape” allegation epidemic. Except there is just one problem. Women really don’t like it, because they can’t change their minds after consenting to sex. They believe it should still be a woman’s right – after the fact – to call a man she willingly consented to having sex with: a “rapist”.

This is how grown women effectively turn themselves into toddlers.

Men are problem solvers, and women are problem creators. When men are wiling to meet women half way and accept their stupid and childish “yes means yes” law and happily create the tools to obtain her precious consent… women then decide to create more problems by wanting to change it to “yes doesn’t actually mean yes”. This proves she never considered her own consent valid in the first place, and she is in no position to be giving (or requiring) consent at all.

She still wants to fantasize and call it “rape” on a whim. Then it becomes clear, when you base the law around something as flakey and noncommittal as women, it creates problems, and proves women were never really after a consenting agreement, resolution, or desire to interact harmoniously. As soon as Men expresses willingness in that and create/invent the tools to make it possible, she changes her mind again and she “didn’t really mean it”.

A marriage contract is an ongoing, shifting contract too, and women have no problem expecting men to sign one of them FOR LIFE while kneeling down with a useless diamond mined by a child and mounted on a platinum band – just to ask for permission to love her until death. But ask women to commit to a single decision for a single evening? NOOOOOOO! They are totally unwilling and incapable of it.

“Men are afraid of commitment” is now a worthless accusation and forever proven totally false. They can’t even keep THAT lie going anymore – and women have depended on it!. But now, not even her consent is dependable. It’s really women who are afraid of commitment for even one evening or a good and proper 15 minute shag.

Her “yes” isn’t even worth THAT much anymore.