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Yes Means LOL Please

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If you think the rest of the world hates America now, wait until a woman is running the show.

Apparently, some adults don’t know what “yes” means.
Even toddlers know what “yes” means.
But do you know what “yes means yes”…means?

The new “Yes Means Yes” law in California (affectionately known as SB967) requires a college-aged schoolgirl to continually scream “YES!!” during any sex act she participates in. While that can be a turn-on, it prevents women from being able to fake an orgasm. The law now requires she be absolutely sincere during any and all coital activities, or she’s not getting laid.

That’s the upside.

But when you force your man-probe of investigation into this topic, you’ll uncover the downside – as articulated by Toronto-based MGHOW Sandman.

While the social engineers who dream up such nonsense should each be charged with 50 counts of negligent bonercide, it forces women to sign a legal agreement every few minutes during foreplay which has never been worth it to begin with. And now, not even the sex is worth what hoops she has to jump through to get some play. Katy Perry’s California Girls are no longer “so hot, they melt your popsicle”… they are now the first women in the world to avoid at all costs. They are “so hot” they will be treated as toxic nuclear waste.

(Adjust your lyrics, Katy. Times are changing.)

With young women today having more sexual partners than men, everyone is well aware they are much too horny to have to explain what “yes” means. We also know what “yes” means when millions of women distribute naked selfies, or line up to engage in porn to willingly remove their panties and bend over to touch the floor for the world’s viewing pleasure – on actual college campuses.

I’d call that a big yes.

Not a single one of these college-age harlots repeatedly shouts “yes” on film, because she is too busy throating poles. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full anyway. So unless she is prepared to sign a legal document as she comes up for air between throat jobs, California Girls will now have to work harder on their “amazing personalities” and bring something to the table other than a willingness to creep-shame, order in restaurants and spend a man’s money.

Do the dildos who think up such anti-female & misogynistic laws understand the negative implications of what “yes means yes” actually means for women? Because unless man says “yes”, you do not have his consent. You do not have his consent. We all know plenty of men who never said “yes” during their weddings. He did not say “yes” repeatedly during the procedure, therefore he did not give consent. So therefore the wedding is void and he can no longer be required to pay alimony. Fathers are no longer required to pay child support because he did not give consent or say “yes” to this s~~~.

Are you getting it yet?

The “yes means yes” law forces women to require a man’s consent – for everything.
And while Feminism ruins all the fun for American women, western men have a world of options.

… beginning with “NO”.

No I will not help you. No I will not serve. No I will not take your trash out. No I will not buy you s~~~. No you cannot move in. No I will not work harder to pay more taxes. No to single mothers. No I will not fix the faucet. No you don’t deserve a “nice guy”. No I will not support your bastard womb turd. No I will not watch that vampire s~~~ with you. No I won’t date fatties. No that’s your own problem. No I will not fix your car. No I will not listen to you. No I will not f~~~ you just because you said “yes”. NO. You do not have my consent.

And NO Means NO(when a man says it )

Yes. This what happens when you let women vote on anything other than American Idol.
Always look at the bright side of life.

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