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With a mobile-first approach, our website is fully responsive and created for smartphones, tablets and desktops…. and while we make every effort to ensure a beautiful, interactive and error-free experience on every current platform (including a sincere effort in maintaining some backward-compatability)…. you will certainly enjoy it more if you make a minimal effort keep your browser, OS (operating system), and devices up to date.

This includes getting rid of that piece of s~~~ otherwise known as “Internet Exploder” – especially version 8 or lower – which curbs development, delays progress and ruins our otherwise sunny dispositions. So we strongly recommend you take a moment to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as your standard.

In all other ways, if you experience a technical issue (can’t join? can’t see a video?), we encourage you to report it, and we will tear apart and attack that problem like an obese feminist attacks a candy corn Oreo cookie.

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